What Makes MDM Consulting Unique

Our strategy differs from many in ways such as:

  • we have vast experience in a number of organizations to draw from, and are published authors and recognized experts in our fields
  • our needs-based problem solving and corporate culture building relies on a focus of changing thought processes instead of changing feelings or behaviors; creating meaningful and lasting changes in the organization
  • we involve people in the problem solving processes


MDM Consulting provides assistance to business leaders in the areas of leadership development, management and supervisory training, executive and management coaching, Human Resources extension and support (policy development, selection and search, labor relations, employee relations), survey and corporate culture development, and behavior skill development.

MDM consultants have worked with businesses, family businesses, health care and hospitals, and physicians, to help improve their interpersonal skills with other members of leadership, with co-workers, and with patients. We have developed a respectful care program to help physicians improve patient relations and recovery from bad experiences, a program designed to help increase patient satisfaction.

Our consultants have provided strategic planning, group dynamics, generational relations, and have numerous certifications, including “colors” facilitation, personality ID, change management certification, and experiential learning development. One of our consultants is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a therapist, and trained mediator. Another has experience as president of a college, and has Human Resources and labor relations experience, as well as experience in dealing with issues of a senior leader in a complex organization.

We can provide training in interest-based or needs-based negotiations, modified traditional and traditional bargaining, and help prepare organizations for working with organized labor.

Programs and seminars can be customized to meet individual needs. Participants in seminars are asked to indicate what information will be applied back in the workplace, to develop action plans to do so, and senior management is asked to support those action plans and dialogue with participants help make sure that training is applied in daily practice.

Ask us how we can serve as a Human Resources extension for your organization, or how we can serve in an interim role while searches are conducted for new positions or replacements.

Our years of experience can be of assistance in many ways to help promote success in an organization. We concentrate on the “people equation”, and help build positive culture and better morale by helping people work better with each other. We have found that the quality of the product or service we produce is in direct proportion to the quality of the working relationships. Those relationships are influenced by how well we communicate. We can help you influence those factors that will improve those relationships.